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Randy Jennings
Vice President
"I'm looking forward to bringing my 30 years of automated solutions experience to the Primus team."

Building Automation

Primus’s niche markets – cold storage, sterilization and manufacturing – are embracing building automation as the most efficient means of producing and delivering their products. With input from the newest addition to the Primus team, building automation expert Randy Jennings, Primus will work with our clients to reach their business goals through maximized efficiency and increased productivity that results from implementing automation.

Automation brings many advantages, starting with energy savings. Automated spaces require a smaller building footprint, reduced cubic space and a smaller roof surface. Lighting is reduced to practically nothing, which reduces refrigeration energy as well. The estimated energy savings on an automated vs. conventional cold storage facilities is 50% – 60%.

One of the biggest challenges cold storage warehouse owners face is retaining workers. Working in sub-zero conditions leads to high employee turnover. Incorporating automation eliminates this challenge as well as escalating health insurance costs, workmen’s compensation, etc.

Automated warehouses also do not require as many manually operated forklifts. This reduces the chance of damage to racks, freezer doors and product. Safety and inventory accuracy is improved.

Selecting the right automation system is paramount. Randy has been on the leading edge of factory automation and building automation solutions for three decades. “It’s not about the bright, shiny thing,” he said. “It’s about what will make our clients’ operations better. I want to position them for success.” His vast automation in construction experience includes integrating PowerStore shuttle systems; monorails; pallet stacker cranes; compact small parts storage and picking systems; mini load cranes; Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs); flexible, modular conveyor and/or picking systems; modular warehouse management systems; and robotic mixed case palletizing systems.

“We are very proud and excited to have Randy join our team,” said Primus President Matt Hirsch. “He embodies the spirit of Primus’s business approach: to add value to our customers’ projects. I am looking forward to the opportunities this new service will bring.”



“It’s not about the bright, shiny thing. It’s about what will make our clients’ operations better. I want to position them for success.”
- Randy Jennings