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Eric Boyer
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“Our panels team is the best trained, uses the best materials and holds safety to the highest standards. We’re the best in the industry.”

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200,000 SF freezer renovation/addition

Panels & Roofing

Installation of insulated metal panels (IMPs) is a critical component of every cold storage construction project. Proper installation, quality materials and adherence to budget and schedule are crucial not only to the construction of the project, but the lifelong performance of the building.


Primus Panel Division is a separate division within Primus Builders that was created exclusively to address these issues and provide thermal envelope solutions to clients with temperature-sensitive construction needs.

Trained Project Teams
Each Primus Panel Division project is led by a dedicated project manager who remains in position for the duration of the project. He will ensure a safe and organized work site, as well as adherence to budget and schedule. Team members receive specific panel installation training prior to the start of construction that covers fall protection, CPR/first aid, forklifts, aerial lifts and global harmonization.

Materials Experts
Because Primus has designed and built millions of square feet of cold storage facilities, the firm has strong relationships with metal suppliers. This translates into competitive pricing and easy access to quality materials. It also means the Primus Panels team can recommend the materials best suited for each project, whether they be IMPs, cold storage doors or under floor insulation.

Design-Build Team Member or Turn-Key General Contractor
In addition to performing panel installation on large warehouse projects, Primus Panel Division can execute small projects as a turn-key general contractor. Working closely with Primus Design Services for engineering and architecture support, the team self-performs the installation of insulated metal panels, doors, windows and floors.

Solutions Focused
Primus Panel Division will navigate unions, work through extreme weather conditions and closely communicate with the project manager, whether that person is a Primus team member or from a construction team selected by the Owner. No matter what the challenge, Primus Panel Division has proven its ability to successfully complete thermal envelope projects for clients across the country.

The great thing about Primus Panels is we can go from being part of a big design-build team to doing our own small contractor projects. It’s nice to be able to offer Owners both options.”
- Mark O’Connell, Primus Panel Division Project Manager