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"When a natural disaster strikes, you can count on Primus. We will stay on the job until your facility is fully operational."


Primus Emergency Response Team (PERT)
Lightening strikes a facility. A tornado rips the IMPs off a building. The roof collapses. What options does an Owner have? Who can an Owner call when an act of God wreaks havoc on a facility?

Primus Builders has received these calls – in the middle of the night, on weekends and right before holidays. In an effort to help Owners in such challenging positions, the firm created the Primus Emergency Response Team (PERT). PERT is the industry’s go-to resource for Owners experiencing unexpected damage to their existing facilities.

Key factors on these projects are safety and productivity. Primus works closely with the Owner to determine the best course of action that will provide minimal impact to ongoing operations and maximum safety assurances for onsite workers and the Primus team.

Primus will mobilize and be on site as quickly as possible. This often means within hours for local clients. The team will work multiple shifts around the clock to fix any problems with minimal interruption to the facility’s day-to-day operations. The job will end when the Owner is satisfied the condition is rectified and the facility is safe.

Case Study

A recent example of a successful PERT project involves a local client that experienced an unexpected partial roof collapse right before Labor Day weekend. It was so severe production had to be halted. Primus immediately organized a team, traveled to the site and determined the roof collapsed because of overloading and joist failure. Thanks to Primus’s close vendor relationships, the team was able to collaborate with subcontractors and devise a remedy to the problem. Work began on Friday, and was completed by Monday, even after the area was put under a severe tornado watch. Production resumed on Tuesday with virtually no lost time to the Owner. Primus’s quick reaction, depth of construction skills, strong industry relationships and commitment to hard work made what could have been a disaster a success story.

“I can’t thank you enough for all that your hurricane response team did to help us. Your employees worked from the moment they got here until we were fully operational. They did everything humanly possible to minimize our down time and get us back in business as soon as possible. Thanks again for everything.”
- New Orleans Cold Storage