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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Primus is committed to integrating up-to-the-minute technology that improves its ability to meet project goals for budget, schedule and quality. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the latest application the team has implemented to push its design and construction processes forward.

BIM is the use of software (in Primus’s case – Revit) to demonstrate a facility’s physical characteristics in a digital way. Traditionally, architects relied on two-dimensional drawings to convey design. BIM allows the design team to showcase a project’s attributes in a 3D model before construction begins.


The process begins at project kick off. Primus Design Services, LLC works closely with the project Owner to determine the goals for their facility and clearly communicate its intended function. These concepts become the backbone of the design and are then translated into a 3D model. The Owner is able to view the model and make critical choices regarding layout, electrical and mechanical components, building materials and other essential elements during the design phase. Doing so speeds the process and reduces challenges in the field.

Additional benefits to Owners include:

Clash Detection
Interferences and errors are identified and corrected during design, eliminating costly budget and schedule changes in the field.

Streamlined Decision Making
All project stakeholders are engaged in the model and can evaluate and make corrections quickly and earlier in the process.

Schedule & Cost Reduction
Improved communication, increased material cost accuracy and clash detection prior to construction are the building blocks of a project capable of exceeding schedule and budget goals.

BIM doesn’t end with design at Primus. Selected construction professionals have received BIM training and are certified by the AGC as BIM specialists. This means collaboration continues into the field along with increased communication and schedule and cost savings. Our project with U.S. Cold Storage in Richland Township, PA, a 245,000 SF Greenfield PRW, serves as an excellent example of our Building Information Modeling (BIM) services.

To learn more about these services, email Michael D. Jones, AIA President, Primus Design Services, LLC, or call 770.928.7120, x260.


Since incorporating BIM, we have improved communication and actually reduced costs by detecting clashes prior to construction. It’s been a useful tool in streamlining our process.”
- Michael Jones, AIA, Primus Design Services, LLC President