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Primus Expands Executive Team to Include KC Williams as Chief Operating Officer

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The role of a chief operating officer is focused on daily business operations and efficiencies. Until recently, President Matt Hirsch served as president AND chief operating officer. “I began to recognize that not having a dedicated COO wasn’t serving our teams well,” he said. “So I tasked HR with finding someone who had a proven record of building teams and implementing best practices.” 

KC Williams has the professional and personal experience to fill the role. 

A quick glance at KC’s resume reveals extensive experience covering a wide variety of complex building types. “Construction is so much more than a building type; it’s about planning, collaboration, and pursuit of operational excellence,” he said. His distinguished military career instilled in him a respect for adhering to fundamentals. These include attention to detail, communication, accountability and documentation and reporting. “It’s similar to flying an aircraft,” he said. “You want the basics to be easily repeatable so that teams can focus more on the complex problem solving.”

He has been at Primus for about five months. “My first impression is that Primus really cares. They care about their employees, they care about their customers and they care about their community.”

KC is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a Navy pilot whose military career includes stints as an aviator and aviator instructor. He has logged over 3,000 flight hours, 100 sorties and three foreign war campaigns. The military taught him discipline, accountability and practical ways to manage behavior to achieve results. “We worked under a lot of pressure. Learning how to maximize each others’ strengths and work as a team was one of the biggest lessons I learned,” he said. 

KC entered the construction industry after his service in the Navy. He joined a family firm and began working from the bottom up. “It was an opportunity for me to learn what my strengths are and how I could apply my military background in the private sector.” 

Eventually, KC wanted to take on bigger and more complex projects. He moved into a role at a new firm that focused on federal and military construction. “This was my chance to concentrate on projects that brought quality of life to the men and women who serve our country,” he said. This included housing and retail opportunities on military bases. 

From there, KC served in executive level roles for general contractors in Florida and Georgia where he was responsible for strategic development, financial planning and operational execution. He instilled structure and developed processes that ensured his teams could achieve their operational goals. It wasn’t long before he caught the eye of Primus. 

“I was excited to come to Primus because it’s an opportunity to apply everything I’ve learned so far in my career – from the Naval Academy to construction executive – and provide a meaningful impact on a great company,” he said. 

KC’s goal is to eliminate any communication barriers and provide a collaborative work environment. He is truly interested in helping Primus employees develop their roles and become stronger team players. 

“We are excited to have KC join our team,” Matt said. “His combination of military and construction experience make him a solid fit. I’m looking forward to seeing his talents elevate how we do business.”


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