Lineage Logistics

South Carolina

Project Details

Primus provided design-build services on this 180,000 SF greenfield cold storage warehouse located in Palmetto Commerce Park in North Charleston. The facility imports and exports protein products for both domestic and international markets. It features the newest high-capacity blast freezing technology and offers a variety of transportation options (ship, train, truck).



Features of this 180,000 SF piece of the project include:

  • Convertible freezers with temperatures ranging from -10°F to 35°F
  • Blast room
  • Shipping, receiving and rail/cross docks maintained at 35°F
  • Battery charging room
  • Maintenance shop
  • USDA inspection room
  • Employee welfare and office areas

and have rail access as well as immediate access to the Port of Charleston.


If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a can-do attitude, and a passion for design-build, consider Primus.

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