Project Details

Primus planned and executed a major renovation and expansion project at the Sterigenics sterilization plant in Grande Prairie, Texas.

The goals and objectives of the new work included:

  • Increased racked storage of inbound, WIP and outbound product
  • Provision of new preconditioning and aeration rooms complete with all mechanical heating/humidification, power, lighting, IMP walls and ceilings and fire protection
  • Installation of new catalytic oxidizer and associated exhaust fans, spiral ductwork and control systems for all chambers and new aeration rooms
  • Construction of additional office and welfare areasSite master planning of the building and overall campus established that additional building capacity was necessary to achieve efficient processing and segregation of sterile and non-sterile products.  As a result, it was determined the ideal solution involved the conversion of an adjacent building which Primus renovated to function as new aeration, separate finished product storage and shipping operations.The project teams jointly developed several site planning options to determine the best method to connect the two buildings with different owners.  PBI designed and constructed a new fully enclosed material handling feed corridor between the two buildings and supported Sterigenics during the permitting process with the city authorities.


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