Primus’s commitment to safety begins at the top and carries across every aspect of our organization. Our ownership team started their careers in the field and understand the role safety plays in a successful project. Below is a sample of some of the safety measures Primus implements on every project:

Site-specific Safety Plans (SSSP)
Every job is different. That is why Primus project managers and on-site superintendents work together to create an SSSP for every project before construction begins. The plan reflects each site’s unique topography, utilities, overhead clearance, traffic patterns and other elements that require special attention to ensure safety. The SSSP is updated regularly to reflect changes to the site.

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Safety Check Lists
JSAs detail the conditions of a project and cover topics such as equipment readiness, upcoming weather, potentially hazardous conditions, etc. Primus panel crews are required to prepare daily JSAs. Building superintendents are required to conduct daily documented safety checks.

On-Site Safety Training
Before performing work, all subcontractors are required to complete a project-specific safety course at the job site and furnish all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). During construction, subcontractors receive additional training and are regularly inspected by the onsite superintendent to ensure they are meeting or exceeding OSHA standards. Toolbox Talks are conducted on a weekly basis.

Primus’s badging system requires all team members to wear an identification badge while working on our project sites. Team members receive a badge and hardhat sticker after completing Primus’s required site-specific safety orientation. Safety badges also include equipment operator certification credentials (where needed) such as fall protection training or welding certification. On-site supervisors can visually identify if an individual is certified to operate specific machinery.

RMP Safety Services
RMP Safety Services is Primus’s safety consultant. RMP’s team of experienced construction safety professionals and QC managers provide safety training and monitoring of all Primus projects. They visit projects every month and conduct mock OSHA inspections. These inspections are reported in writing, and the superintendent must correct deficiencies and report back to Primus’s director of safety in writing.

Safety Certification
All Primus project managers, superintendents and panel superintendents are required to be OSHA 30-certified. All Panel Division employees are OSHA 10-certified. Primus provides the training needed to achieve these certifications.


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