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Life Lessons from the Captain’s Log


“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.” – Publilius Syrus

In 2008, Primus made its first trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to compete in a fishing tournament. The experience was so positive that when the opportunity to transact on a boat presented itself in 2017, the leadership team took it. Since then, Primus has participated in numerous fishing tournaments and has also used the boat as a means to thank our customers and reward our teams.

The boat is captained by Eddy Cesena. Eddy is an organized, engaged leader with a can-do attitude and a positive spirit. Over the years, as Primus participated in more and more tournaments, the leadership team recognized that there are a lot of similarities between running a competition fishing boat and running a cold storage construction project, no matter what stage it is in – design, preconstruction or construction.

The leadership team sat down with Eddy recently to discuss these similarities. A few of the highlights from this conversation include:

  • Your site is your boat. You are in charge. Own it.
  • The home office is here to support you. If you require additional training, equipment, software, etc., reach out. Your success is imperative to our success.
  • Relationships matter. Treat your coworkers, trade partners and vendors fairly. If you’re ever in a pinch, they will be more willing to help.
  • Proactive planning is essential. Understanding what you need in the next days and weeks and communicating that with your team builds trust and improves your chances for a successful project.
  • Take pride in your work. Even the smallest details. Your reputation depends on it.
  • If you have, give. Giving back to the community is an opportunity to make an impact and grow as a person.

Highlights of this conversation were shared at Primus’ annual company meeting in January.


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