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Design-build warehouse automation systems are not about shiny robotics; they’re about creating business advantages. Primus’ in-house team of automation design build professionals listens closely to your business goals, incorporates your production data and delivers a solution that positions you for success. Our automated storage and retrieval systems, part of our comprehensive warehousing storage solutions, exemplify smart warehouse automation, ensuring efficiency and success.

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Service Overview

Primus is one of the few design-build construction firms with an in-house robotic automation design team complete with data analysts. Primus Solutions Group works alongside our design and construction divisions, eliminating the need to hire independent engineering and automation firms.

Primus Solutions Group works closely with our customers to address the issues that affect them most including:

Labor Shortage

The price of attracting, training and retaining cold storage warehouse employees increases every year. Implementing automation reduces the need for manual processes and provides a safer and more efficient workplace.



By automating repetitive tasks such as loading/unloading pallets, picking goods, and transporting goods in-house, cold storage warehouses can reduce the time it takes to fulfill orders and do it more accurately.



Automated solutions can be scaled up to accommodate growth. Current systems are more modular and flexible and can be improved or added to without the same expense and adaptability challenges as older systems.



In addition to reducing the risk of human injury, automation enhances food safety. Damage and contamination are minimized by reducing the number of human touches, and temperature control remains consistent and reliable.

Facility Automation Specialists

Primus is the design-build-automate firm for your next project. Our automation team works shoulder-to-shoulder with our design and construction divisions to ensure that your operation maximizes efficiency, agility and profit.

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Why Case Farms
Chose Us

To meet growing demand while facing a labor shortage, Case Farms chose Primus to add automation and VRT blast freezing to their existing poultry production plant in Winesburg, OH. Charles Ridgon, Senior Vice President of Operations at Case Farms, explains that Primus had built two VRTs for another poultry company close to their plant in Dudley, NC. This allowed Case Farms to see the benefits of this automation solution and Primus’ quality work firsthand. As a result, they implemented a similar solution in their Dudley facility, and went on to build a VRT in their Winesburg facility as well. The positive relationship and past success with Primus made them the clear choice for Case Farms. Your facility could be next!

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