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Primus understands the unique storage, containment and abatement requirements that come with medical device sterilization. From the upfront research, analysis and permitting to the design and construction of the facility and coordination with sterilization equipment suppliers, Primus is proud to offer our customers a true turn-key solution.

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Understanding the Sterilization Methods

Primus has completed design-build projects for every sterilization method (e-beam, gamma radiation, EtO and steam). We know that each method has advantages and disadvantages. Our team will use our knowledge and expertise to create the medical device sterilization solution that is ideal for you and your business.

Building in Mexico

Primus has listened closely to our customers, and we understand the need to build medical device sterilization facilities in Mexico. In response, we have launched Primus MXB, a division dedicated to making your design-build experience in Mexico as seamless as your experience in the USA. Our team has built in Mexico and understands how to navigate local governments and deliver your project successfully.

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Primus specializes in designing and constructing facilities for the three main medical device sterilization methods: E-beam, Gamma, and Ethylene Oxide. Our expertise covers unique requirements like storage, containment, and byproduct management. Whether modernizing an existing facility or building new, Primus offers true turnkey solutions from research and permitting to design, construction, and coordination with equipment suppliers. We understand the sensitive nature of these projects and have the specialized know-how to ensure regulatory compliance, product quality, and patient safety in the U.S. or Mexico.

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Medical Device Sterilization


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