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Primus Nears Completion on Significant Lineage Logistics Project in Colton, California

Lineage.Exterior.1.smallAs Primus Builders completes final work on a 420,000 SF public refrigerated warehouse for Lineage Logistics in Colton, California, the team reflects on highlights of the project.

“It’s been an amazing experience with a great client,” said Erik Gunderson, Executive Vice President at Primus Builders and Project Executive. “Everyone pulled together to make it happen.”


Lineage Logistics is one of the country’s largest providers of customized cold chain solutions. The firm specializes in public refrigerated warehousing, port-centric warehousing and dedicated distribution facilities. To meet the demands of its clients in Southeastern California, Lineage selected Primus Builders to provide design-build services on a new, greenfield facility.


This fast-track project included two phases. Phase 1 featured construction of a 35°F convertible cross dock and installation of eight mini penthouse cooling units.

Phase 2 centered on construction of the freezer and cooler. Temperatures in these spaces range from -10°F to 55°F. Primus Builders used cranes to install seven large penthouse cooling units on the roof to provide the required cooling power. Installation of the rack and the IMP interior were also included in this phase.


Features of this new facility include:

  • 134 dock positions
  • 8 banana rooms (with the potential for 10)
  • 3, 2-story support offices
  • 2, 1-story shipping/receiving offices.
  • Exterior concrete totaling 900,000 SF
  • LED lights in the freezers
  • Shrink compensating floors
  • Battery handling room with opportunity charging stations

Primus Project Manager Tony Dembickie led the successful completion of the fast-track schedule by increasing communication with the design team and subcontractors. “We talked weekly to make sure everyone was aware of our expectations for their performance. There were no surprises. This built up trust between team members that ensured we could meet every deadline.”


“The schedule was demanding,” said Ron Wald, Superintendent on the project. “But we all pulled together to get it done. That includes the Primus panel guys, Hugo Serrano, Robert Costillo and Adrian Puga-Caballero. Their hard work made the difference.”

Primus also implemented PlanGrid, a construction application that allowed the team to easily share plans, markups, photos and reports. “All project information was located in one place,” said Jessica Murray, Assistant Project Manager. “Changes to the drawings or challenges in the field could be quickly resolved by the appropriate team member through the app, no matter where they were.”


Lineage’s commitment to sustainability is another prominent component of this project. Primus is working closely with the Lineage team to achieve its LEED goals. Efforts include rainwater management, local sourcing of raw materials, construction waste management and low emitting materials.

“When it’s all said and done, Primus can look back on this project and be proud of its work,” said Gunderson. “We’re now looking forward to our next project with Lineage Logistics, a public refrigerated warehouse about to break ground in Charleston, South Carolina.”



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