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Gary Kersey
Senior Preconstruction Manager
“Primus's preconstruction process ensures clients receive an accurate picture of their project’s cost before construction begins.”


Strong preconstruction services lay the groundwork for well-run construction projects. Primus’s in-house preconstruction team implements a series of services before construction begins to alleviate potential challenges to budget and schedule.


Detailed Cost Estimates
Primus Builders has an excellent track record for estimating total project costs. Chief Estimator Dave Davis has dedicated his career to compiling historical data that accurately determines construction costs. Primus uses this data to develop detailed cost estimates that are reviewed by the project team and Primus executives to ensure the best pricing has been obtained. Owners can feel confident their budget goals will be realized.

Bid Management
Primus strives for efficiency in the bidding process. The team considers both design deliverable release dates and construction execution needs when establishing the bid schedule. It also identifies long lead equipment and any early scope package releases to ensure no schedule gaps during construction. Primus will gladly work with Owner preferred vendors and work closely with the Owner to develop a list of desired subcontractors.

Value Engineering
Early in the process, often during design, Primus works closely with the project Owner to determine exactly what their building must accomplish and the alternatives available for meeting those goals. Multiple options are brought to the table, studied and reviewed for cost and fit. The best solutions are implemented into the scope. Doing so eliminates costly re-designs and keeps the project on budget.

Constructability Reviews
Primus conducts regular constructability reviews to ensure that, come bid time, contractors clearly understand the project’s design intent. The team makes certain construction documents are detailed and properly coordinated among trades so that the most complete and biddable set of documents are available. This produces the most accurate pricing and eliminates guessing among subcontractors.

CPM Scheduling
Primus schedulers are seasoned project managers and operations personnel. Their expertise is used to optimize a project’s critical path and coordinate activities to support its successful completion. The team works side-by-side with the Owner to ensure all project milestones are achievable and clearly communicated to the entire project team. Throughout construction, the Owner is regularly updated on schedule progress and remains in the loop on all activities affecting the schedule.

Preconstruction Capabilities

  • Detailed Cost Estimates
  • Bid Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Constructability Reviews
  • CPM Scheduling


Strong preconstruction services lay the groundwork for well-run construction projects.”
- Rich O’Connell, Primus President