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Ashlee McMillan
Preconstruction &
Sustainability Coordinator
"I work closely with our clients to determine the best sustainability plan that fits their budget and schedule goals."

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United States Cold Storage - Covington, TN
Primus exceeded United States Cold Storage's goal of LEED Silver by achieving LEED Gold on this project.


As the industry leans towards greater environmental responsibility, owners have shown interest in facilities that reflect sustainable design and construction practices. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Primus Builders has embraced this philosophy and is committed to finding ways for owners to incorporate sustainable features into their projects.

It begins at project kick-off. Conversations with the owner at the beginning of the project determine the level of sustainability that fits the project’s budget and goals, and any LEED certification desired. Primus then integrates sustainable practices organically as part of the design-build process. Sustainability becomes part of the overall project approach, not an agenda item during the commissioning process. Owner goals are clearly communicated to the team and become part of the project approach.

Thanks to IACSC submitted its Energy Modeling Guideline for Cold Storage and Refrigerated Warehouse Facilities
guidance document and Primus submitted an inquiry regarding minimum indoor air quality performance
standards. Both issues were considered important enough to be presented to the EA TAG at their next
quarterly meeting.

in 2015, the International Association for Cold Storage Construction and Primus lobbied the United States Green Building Council to make changes to the LEED scorecard that would open the door for cold storage facilities to achieve LEED certification. Thanks to that effort, Primus  has achieved LEED certification on the following projects:

  • LEED Gold – United States Cold Storage, Covington, TN
  • LEED Gold – Kroger, Forest Park, GA
  • LLEED Silver – Lineage Logistics, North Charleston, SC

Primus’s goal is to continue adding LEED Accredited Professionals and LEED certified projects to its roster and fully develop its role as a good steward of the environment.



Our clients have shown interest in building more sustainable facilities. Primus has responded by adding LEED Accredited Professionals to our team and maintaining our relationship with the U.S. Green Building Council. We currently have three LEED projects in development.”
- Richard O’Connell, Primus President