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Primus Perspective: An Intern’s Active Site Visit

Primus builds better young professionals by encouraging interns to visualize a future in the cold storage design and construction industry through active job site visits. The 2019 summer interns visited Primus’s Sysco, Atlanta project, a more than 52,000 SF expansion and renovation, that included a tour of the new employee offices, transportation station and a look at the 17,000 SF variable temperature cooler and refrigerator system.

Prior to touring the job site, the interns participated in a mandatory site safety orientation. Safety Intern Sophie Kassi exemplified Primus’s dedication to safety as she initiated site safety protocol by signing guests in and handing out site badges and personal protective equipment (PPE). The tour was led by Superintendent Jim Smith who described some of the daily tasks taking place and the task look-ahead. The field team added perspective for those at the home office.

“Without our team on the ground, we could not serve our client or complete our jobs. I enjoy working with these guys and helping to get the job done,” said Field Intern Dajuan Neal.

As the interns moved through the facility, the design interns saw their drawings come to life and the layers of plan configuration being pieced together by the subcontractors. Preconstruction interns were able to see how cost allocation can affect job execution and how creating a realistic timeline can enhance customer service. Paired with their mentors, the inquisitive team broke apart to find more traces of their department’s efforts throughout the site. Later, the group moved to the roof to identify refrigeration systems and grab an overall bird’s eye view of the site.

“It really added another element of learning. It helped me visualize what contributions I offer to the process as a whole,” said Preconstruction Intern Noah Gunderson.

After the tour, the intern team had some lunch and joined in on a bit of friendly competition over an interactive learning activity. As the day wrapped up the interns bonded over a shared experience, peppered with their own understanding of the company and industry.

-Marketing Intern Mia Garza


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