How It Began

Rich O’Connell and Erik Gunderson founded Primus in 2000 with the goal of building the best buildings with the best people. They started by providing exceptional, big-project style service on smaller cold storage distribution projects. Today, Primus is the leading provider of design-build services for complex projects in the distribution, food and beverage and medical device sterilization industries.

Primus has grown to include four divisions: Primus Design Services, LLC; Primus Builders, Inc.; Primus Thermal Division; and Primus Solutions, our automated solutions division. Each unit specializes in a specific component of the design-build process that, together, are the foundation of the firm’s single-source approach. Because all four divisions are in-house, communication is effortless. Primus is able to implement your plans into a single agenda that delivers on your business goals.

Along the way, Primus never lost site of its commitment to customer service. A remarkable 99% of our business is repeat clients. We enjoy the lifelong relationships we have created with these firms and look forward to building more as Primus continues to grow.

Core Values

Primus’s business philosophy is driven by a passion for our core values. We are committed to living these values in our daily work and incorporating them in our long-term planning. They define who we are. Our core values are:

At Primus, our employees are family. We are one team, committed to working together to help each other achieve our personal and professional aspirations.

Primus is successful because of the long-lasting relationships we build with our internal and external customers. We listen to each other and develop plans that provide consistent, reliable services that bring value and promote growth.

A talent or quality that is so exceptional it surpasses ordinary standards. Primus demonstrates this every time we give 110% to deliver accurate information, consistent quality and outstanding services that allow our co-workers and customers to meet their goals.

Primus works closely with vendors, clients and internal customers to share information and ideas that result in successful projects. Communication is clear, concise and geared toward achieving common objectives.

Primus believes in doing the right thing even when no one is looking. We take pride in our work and will never cut corners to get the job done.

Meet Our Team

Interested in a Career with Primus?

At Primus, you do more than further your career or find a job. This is an opportunity to be a part of something special – to join one of the fastest-growing companies in Atlanta; to experience a culture of unrivaled support and an entrepreneurial spirit that leads us to higher levels of service and success.

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