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An Intern’s View of an Active Primus Project

On Wednesday, June 20th, Primus’s interns took a field trip to an active project site. Below is the perspective of Marketing Intern Maggie Ooten.


The 2018 Primus interns experienced a day to remember when they toured our United States Cold Storage project in McDonough, Georgia. “I wanted the team to experience Primus in action,” said Talent Ambassador Michael Morris. “An active jobsite gives them a chance to see the work they are doing in the office come alive in the field.” Participants of the trip included the interns, their supervisors and community leaders.

At Primus, safety is the number one priority on every project. Before the tour began, Onsite Safety Coordinator Lidia McDade conducted the mandatory safety training required for all visitors to an active Primus jobsite. McDade provided the team with the appropriate safety gear, and they were off to the main event.

Project Manager Grayson Long led the tour. The team walked the project’s perimeter, its interior and even got to take a trip up to the roof. Long took time to explain the construction processes relevant to each component and gave informative updates on the project’s progress.

Primus interns have roles in every phase of the design-build process including mechanical and structural engineering, architecture, preconstruction, operations and marketing. During the tour, they asked questions that made it clear they were relating the experience to their individual roles. Operations Intern Lindsey Greathouse said, “I really enjoyed the tour because we were able to see how the work we do in the office affects what Primus does in the field. I could see my work in action instead of on paper.” Preconstruction Intern Mikey O’Connell added, “From a preconstruction perspective, I really enjoyed putting visuals to all the words and acronyms I’ve been learning about in the first couple of weeks as a Primus Intern.”

Several of the interns have never been on an active construction site before. Marketing Intern Maggie Ooten said about her first trip, “It was neat to see the product of everyone’s hard work and to see what I was selling. Standing on the roof while hearing how complex these structures were was eye opening.”

Every intern left the jobsite with an appreciation for how their efforts affect the finished product. Their next trip is coming up soon. Stay tuned!


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