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Here Come the Interns!


It’s summer! And that means the return of talented, hard-working interns. This year’s group is made up of students from Kennesaw State University (KSU) who offer a wide-range of experience, interests and abilities. We are excited to have them!

Anne Murigi


You might say that Anne has building in her blood. Her family owns and operates a building business in Kenya. “I knew I wanted to be an architect when I was in the third grade,” she said. “I saw a picture of an Indian temple and was inspired.” Her parents immigrated to America in 1996. Anne remained in Kenya, then joined them in 2012 to go to school. She is an architecture major at KSU. So far, the experience has been positive. “The program is very intuitive. The instructors are hands-on and encouraging. I feel like I am being well-prepared for the real world.” Anne is currently supporting the architecture team on a project for Valley Cold Storage. In her free time, she enjoys re-purposing furniture, making clothes and baking desserts. She lives in Powder Springs with her parents.

Corey Greeson


Corey is one of Primus’s KSU Career Fair success stories. He met Primus CEO Rich O’Connell at an event on campus last spring. Rich suggested he apply for an internship, and he was brought on to assist our construction team. Corey is a mechanical engineering major with a minor in nuclear engineering. “I’ve always had an interest in quantum physics. Nuclear physics is a close match.” Corey attended Walters State for two years before transferring to KSU, where he is a standout baseball player. “It’s been a big part of my life. I’ve played baseball since I was four years old.” In fact, when Corey was in high school in Calhoun, GA, his baseball team won the state championship. He plays second base and left field. Corey’s first Primus site visit was to Tyson in Vidalia, GA. He is hoping his internship will give him an understanding of the design and construction business. “I want to learn what side of the business my skills work best in.”

Adam Dixon


Adam is a Georgia native with roots in Peachtree City. He attended LSU for a few years before returning to his home state to attend KSU. Adam is a civil engineering major. “Figuring out how things work has always been an interest of mine,” he said. Adam is currently assisting the construction team on two projects: Fresh Direct and U.S. Cold Warsaw. “Learning Revit is a huge bonus,” he said. “It’s an extremely important tool.” So important that Adam approached the dean of his college at KSU and suggested Revit be added to the curriculum for engineering and construction majors. During his internship, he would like to gain experience completing a project from start to finish. He sees this as a way to figure out the best means of applying his skills to his career. In his free time, Adam enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing soccer. He plays in a summer intramural team.

David Stuver


David is a mechanical engineering major at KSU with a minor in aerospace. “Mechanical engineering has a broad range of applications while aerospace is more focused,” he said. “I get the best of both worlds.” He is currently supporting the Primus design team, under the tutelage of former Primus-intern-turned-full-time-employee Rob Lane. “I’m excited to be using Revit,” David said. “I am currently learning the details for a standard Revit model, and I can see how this is going to be extremely helpful.” His goal is to be self-sufficient with Revit and AutoCAD by the time his internship ends. Like most engineers, David enjoyed playing with Legos as a kid. That hobby has turned into working on cars now. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his friends, fixing cars and being outdoors.


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