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Love, Listen, Communicate: A Cold Summit Update

Being awarded the Cold Summit Dallas project was a bright spot in 2020. One of the reasons Cold Summit selected Primus was because we reflected the spirit of their tagline: Love, Listen, Communicate. Here’s how our design and construction teams are living up to that motto.

Cold Summit is committed to making the approximately 350,000 SF greenfield facility a pleasurable workspace for the future tenant. “They don’t have a particular tenant yet, so they are being as flexible as possible with the design,” said Architectural Designer Shannon Mallory. “The building is designed to house multiple tenants and the freezer space can be subdivided to meet those tenants’ needs.” 

This is also true for the office space. “We actually have not designed the interior of office yet because Cold Summit prefers to work with the new tenant and adapt that space to fit their plans,” Shannon continued. “Love, listen, communicate is not just their tag line. It has changed the way we are working with the client and how we are solving design issues.” 

The fact that the office interior has not been designed yet has been beneficial for the construction team as well. “It made procurement faster,” said Assistant Project Manager Leah Colquitt. “And Building Connected was helpful. Knowing the big players early and reading the notes associated with each subcontractor during the bidding process made the job run smoother.” 

“Cold Summit knows our industry, which is a plus,” Leah continued. “They understand the challenges we might have. They put it out in the open and want to be part of the solution.”

One of the biggest challenges right now is permitting. The City of Dallas has elaborate communication pathways. And throwing Covid on top of it has made it that much harder. “Cold Summit has offered to participate in calls with the permitting office,” Leah said. “They understand how challenging it can be.” 

Working with Primus on the Dallas project has been such a positive experience for Cold Summit that they have selected Primus to provide design-build services on a nearly identical project in Glendale, Arizona. The same design and project management teams will be engaged on this effort. “There’s a trust there,” Leah said. “They know we’re going to deliver them two great projects.”  


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