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The similarities between a project for Primus’s Cold Storage/3PL and Food Service/Grocery divisions are many – speed-to-market, safety, quality and cost efficiency. The difference lies in the end user.

Food and Beverage Design Build

Grocery clients sell directly to the end user. How the end user experiences the purchase has changed dramatically in the last five years. It can take place the old-fashioned way (at the grocery store) or online for curbside pick-up or home delivery. However the transaction takes place, the product is transferred from the grocer to the customer.

Primus Vice President Mike McJunkins is a former grocery executive. He spent 17 years at Kroger where he delivered $1.5 billion worth of construction projects. Mike has lived through the changing grocery landscape and brings his expertise to Primus’s design-build-automate approach.

Primus’s in-house Solutions Group offers intralogistics planning services that help our clients meet the modern consumers’ expectations and demands for groceries. The team uses business analytics to develop an approach that results in fewer touches and faster distribution.

We also offer extensive front-end services including site selection, labor analysis, program management and others that help our clients mitigate risk and take months off the schedule.

Food Processing Facility & Plant Design

Food service and vertical farming clients deliver product to restaurants, hotels, schools and other hospitality end users. This division has also experienced a seismic shift in their logistics approach. Primus understands this shift, what caused it and offers solutions to clients seeking a different approach to their business.

Similar to our Grocery Division, Food Service clients benefit from Primus’s full project lifecycle approach. Front-end services and automation solutions provide opportunities to increase speed-to-market and reduce costs.

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