Primus has been providing design-build services for over 20 years on complex projects across the country. We learn and grow from disruptions to the market and adapt our services to help our clients stay ahead. Manufacturers can now lean on Primus for front-end services like site selection, labor analysis and program management to get their projects into the ground faster and more efficiently. We also offer automation solutions based on business analytics to determine the fastest means of moving your product through your facility and out to the customer.

Whatever the niche – food processing, medical device sterilization, textiles – Primus’s in-house team of engineers and construction professionals will listen closely to your goals and provide a solution that speaks to your specific needs.


As medical device sterilization specialists, we know that each sterilization method comes with its advantages and disadvantages as well as its own building code requirements. In fact, we are the only company in the United States that has worked on all of the sterilization methods. These include:

Electronic Beam Sterilization

E-Beam sterilization uses electron beams to quickly and effectively sterilize medical devices. It is the most powerful and therefore the fastest medical device sterilization method available.

Gamma Radiation Sterilization

Gamma-ray sterilization, sometimes referred to as gamma irradiation sterilization, uses high-energy photons emitted from Cobalt-60 to eliminate pathogens. This method is perfect for equipment of varying densities and volumes.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

Ethylene Oxide sterilization, commonly referred to as EO or EtO sterilization, is used to kill microorganisms on products that are unable to withstand the high temperatures of other methods. Because it includes multiple phases, EtO sterilization is the most time consuming of the medical device sterilizationmethods.

Steam Sterilization

If the products are not heat sensitive, steam sterilization offers organizations an incredibly affordable, accessible, and non-toxic medical device sterilization method.


Meeting the demands of a food and beverage processing and manufacturing facility requires a proven and experienced planning, design and project management team. From site evaluation and optimal layout to robotic automation and process safety management, Primus offers comprehensive design-build-automate services to niche markets in both the industrial and food processing sectors.

We specialize in all types of agricultural-based processing and bulk handling, food processing and food distribution projects including edible oil processing, frozen and fresh prepared foods, bakeries, red meat and poultry and more. Our team of design-build-automate experts is trained in USDA, FDA, AIB and other international design standards.

Food Safety

Food safety is the number one priority on all Primus food and beverage processing projects. Because of our design-build-automate approach, we can implement food safety strategies at every project phase from planning through construction. All potential hazards (microbiological, chemical and physical) are carefully considered. By analyzing these issues early in the design phase, we can effectively minimize cross-contamination by adequately separating products, employees, airflow and waste streams.

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