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New Project Takes Primus Panels to the Next Level

2016 is Primus Panels Division’s year. The team is about to undertake its biggest solo project ever – a 400,000 SF panels, floor insulation and cold storage doors project for Fresh Direct in the Bronx, NY. And they are ready. Because it wasn’t easy getting there, and if there’s anything the panel team has proven over the years, it’s that they are tough.

“Just getting the job was a challenge,” said Panels Project Manager Mark O’Connell. “This project is panels only. Nobody was interested in it.”

“I rejected even considering doing it multiple times,” said CEO Rich O’Connell. “The contractor and owner called us repeatedly to bid the job and I said no.”

But Mark really wanted it. “I was interested in the challenge,” he said. “I really wanted it for Panels. I wanted us to get our biggest solo project ever.”

So he worked on it at night, refining the budget and working on design solutions. “The job has a lot of hot spots. There are union challenges, the drawings were incomplete. It took a ton of effort to get the proposal together.”

Mark went on to say, “It was absolutely a group effort. Thom Maguire and Shannon Mallory created the drawings. Michael Jones confirmed the take off. Adam Dixon helped with the doors. Jay Navarro provided guidance and encouraged the whole team. Everyone pitched in.”
Mark and Rich headed up to New York in April to interview for the project. “We felt good about being up north. Like we were getting back to our roots.”

Primus was awarded the project that day. “I am so proud of the team. We have a strong reputation in the industry. Innovative Systems actually recommended us for the job. All our hard work over the years paid off in that moment. It was amazing.”

The team will be headed by Rich O’Connell and Mark O’Connell and rounded out by Matt Jacobs.

“We start August 1st. I’m not nervous. I’m excited for us. I’m excited for Panels.”


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