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New Roles at Primus Streamline Delivery & Encourage Communication

Primus President Matthew Hirsch is a strong supporter of continuous improvement. “If there is a way to make our process a more enjoyable experience for our customers or our team, I’m all for it,” he said. “Our goal is to keep improving the way we do business.”

One of Hirsch’s first initiatives as president was to create two new roles (one on the design side, one in construction) to streamline the design-build delivery process and improve communication to the teams in the field.

“These roles were announced at our company meeting last spring. After an exhaustive search, I am happy to announce we have filled the positions and are looking forward to seeing their positive impact.”

BIM/VDC Manager – Allen Beveridge


Primus Design Services executes all of its projects using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) technologies. The BIM/VDC manager will be responsible for standardizing the design delivery process and training the design team to ensure goals for quality are achieved. He will also develop a plan for expanding BIM into other departments.

“Our goal is to implement BIM beyond 3D design to include applications in estimating and construction,” said Michael Jones, President of Primus Design Services. “Allen will lead the effort to bring BIM/VDC to every phase of the design-build process.”

Beveridge has been a BIM professional since 2002. He has successfully executed BIM strategies in other settings and finds the software to be an invaluable tool. “Smart BIM execution minimizes risk, improves communication and greatly reduces re-work in the field,” he said. “I’m looking forward to working with the Primus team to maximize its benefits.”

Construction Manager – Marc Cabiness


The main focus of the new construction manager role is communication.

“As Primus continues to grow, we want to ensure our message and delivery process remain consistent from project to project,” said Hirsch. “We want our clients to receive the same level of service whether they’re building a small facility addition in Jacksonville, Florida or a large greenfield processing plant in Canada.”

The construction manager will provide oversight and support to our teams in the field. He will make in-person site visits, review a project’s status and offer recommendations for tightening delivery. He will also share resources from corporate headquarters and provide training on new and old technologies.

“We are really happy that we were able to fill this role from within,” said Jay Navarro, Primus’s Director of Construction. “Marc has been a tremendous asset to our team, and it’s great to reward his hard work with this expanded role.”

Marc Cabiness has provided on-site construction services for over 25 years. Since joining Primus in 2013, he has served as superintendent on two successful projects for United States Cold Storage. His exceptional communication skills and strong work ethic will drive positive results in this new role.

“I’m looking forward to helping the guys in the field make delivering their projects an even better experience,” said Cabiness. “We have some really talented guys working here. It’s going to be interesting to see what we come up with.”

Beveridge and Cabiness began working in their new roles at the end of July. They are off to a great start! Below is a picture of Beveridge conducting his first BIM kick off meeting. We are looking forward to seeing their progress!



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