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Primus Operations Meeting Centers on Training

1.Group .small  - Primus Operations Meeting Centers on Training

Primus project managers, superintendents and panel installers from all over the country gathered in Woodstock, Georgia over the weekend for training and information sharing.

“We have superintendents and panel installers on projects all over the U.S.,” said Primus’s Director of Construction Jay Navarro. “It’s important we get together every few months to make sure our processes are consistent across projects and everyone is up-to-date on technology and services.”

2.Jay .Speaking.2.small  - Primus Operations Meeting Centers on Training
Primus Director of Construction Jay Navarro addresses the team.

The two-day agenda featured topics from incident reporting to Primus’s new health insurance plan. Two of the most compelling sessions featured issues that are top priorities for Primus: safety and implementing new technology.


Primus regularly implements features that enhance its safety program. The latest is a safety app that allows project managers, superintendents and executives to manage safety documentation more effectively. Project safety information is now collected in one place and can be modified on site and accessed from an iphone or ipad. This includes incident reports, subcontractor certifications, insurance information and daily reports. Communication is faster, more accurate and easily updated.

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The Kroger team: Tim Richmond, Tim Sandberg and Justin Farino


Primus is dedicated to implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) beyond design to include construction applications. Allen Beveridge, Primus’s BIM/VDC Manager, presented on how BIM has been utilized in the Primus construction process. Examples include the use of Point Cloud on Primus’s Lineage Logistics project in North Charleston, South Carolina; 4-D construction sequencing and animation on our Richardson project in South Sioux City, Nebraska; and constructability reviews on our Mountaire project in Lumber Bridge, North Carolina.

3.Panels.2.small  - Primus Operations Meeting Centers on Training
The Primus Panel Team

Allen demonstrated how BIM has positively benefitted Primus through:

  • Fewer RFI’s and bulletins
  • Fewer errors and omissions
  • Less schedule variance
  • Higher quality
  • Increased predictability of performance
  • Higher customer satisfaction
5.Marc .Jay .small 1 - Primus Operations Meeting Centers on Training
Construction Project Manager Marc Cabiness and Director of Construction Jay Navarro unwind after the meeting.

“It’s important the guys see what’s happening on our different projects,” said Marc Cabiness, Primus Construction Manager. “For example, not all of our projects have used 4-D construction sequencing yet. Now, they’ll know what to expect when the process is used on their next project.”

Jay and Marc agreed it was a productive meeting. “It’s great when we have the whole construction team together. It generates a lot of ideas for improving our construction approach,” said Jay. “And we make sure we’re all on the same page,” said Marc. The team will get together again in March at the annual company-wide team meeting.


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