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Primus Design Services Brings Electrical Engineering In House

Bringing electrical engineering services in-house has been a long-time goal for Primus Design Services. Doing so brings reliable, consistent pricing and quality to our engineering offerings. Finding the right person was the hard part. 

Fortunately, Mechanical Engineer Tim Taylor knew a guy. “Doug and I go way
back,” he said, referring to Doug Bristol, PE. “We worked together at Rosser back in the day.” 

Doug is an electrical engineer who has been designing electrical power, lighting and special systems for over 30 years. He specializes in large, industrial facilities that implement the design-build delivery method. This includes projects for Lockheed, Hyundai, Kia, Cargill and WinPak, among many others. 

“Doug understands the complexities of our facilities and the ins and outs of design-build,” said Primus Design Services President Michael Jones. “He works in the same design platforms and is familiar with the technology we use to deliver our projects. He’s a great addition to our team.” 

“And he plays guitar,” Tim said. 

That’s right. Doug is an accomplished musician. In fact, after 3 ½ years at Emory, Doug took a hiatus to tour with his band. They played all over the Southeast performing covers of the greats like Zeppelin and Aerosmith. “We were the Stone Mountain version of Spinal Tap,” he said. “We still get together once a year to jam. Tim has been known to join us.” 

That’s right. Tim Taylor is a musician as well! Turns out Tim and Doug stayed in touch after their Rosser days and have remained good friends. 

When Doug sold his electrical engineering business in 2019, he thought he might retire and enjoy the good life in Arizona. Until Tim reached out and persuaded him to start up the electrical engineering division at Primus. “He’s a good fit for our project types, and an all-around good person,” he said. 

Doug works mainly from his home in Arizona. He is supported by Electrical Engineer Trace Kloeblen in the Woodstock office.


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