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Primus Designers Earn Professional Certifications

More good news for Primus Design Services! In addition to recently moving up ENR Southeast’s list of the region’s Top Design Firms, two designers have received professional certifications in their fields.

Structural Engineer Erin Donahue recently earned her Professional Engineer (PE) license. It is a rigorous process. Candidates must complete a four-year college degree, work under a Professional Engineer for at least four years, supply professional references and pass two intensive competency exams.

Erin took the civil engineering-focused exam. “It’s a two-part, eight-hour exam,” she said. In the morning, the test centers on five civil engineering components. In the afternoon, candidates test on their primary area of interest. “I chose structural engineering,” she said. Erin passed with flying colors.

Director of Architecture Tammi Bailey, AIA, recently earned her DBIA certification. The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) offers a specialized accreditation for individuals who demonstrate expertise in the design-build delivery method. Candidates must complete a four-year college degree, have two to six years of hands-on design-build experience (Tammi has 20!), supply professional references, complete 18 hours of elective credits, complete the required DBIA coursework and pass the final exam. Tammi also passed with flying colors.

“I’m very proud of Erin and Tammi,” said Michael Jones, AIA, president of Primus Design Services. “These certifications prove Primus is serious about training and serious about our work. I’m looking forward to more of our designers meeting their licensing goals.”


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