• 12.05.2014
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Primus Gets In The Christmas Spirit!

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The Primus Accounting Team (left to right) Matt Hott, Amanda Schuster, Gwen Dean, Jennifer Carlsen, Ashley Morrison, Kate Gunderson, Christine Rivers

When Amanda Schuster, Assistant Comptroller at Primus, learned that the Cherokee County Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) needed help meeting the Christmas needs of its 360 children currently in foster care, she sprang into action.

“DFCS typically has around 200 children in care. Having 360 this year is a strain on their resources, especially at the holidays. We wanted to help,” she said.

Amanda and Gwen Dean (Accounts Payable Manager) arranged for Primus to sponsor four children. DFCS sent their wish lists, and before long, the accounting department was brimming with gifts! People from every department participated. Contributions for every item on the wish lists were collected.

“This has been a truly rewarding experience,” said Amanda. “Seeing the whole Primus team come together has been very heart warming. I’m so happy we could make Christmas a little brighter for four children.”

Gift.Drop .Off  - Primus Gets In The Christmas Spirit!

Amanda (left) and other members of the accounting team (Gwen Dean and Christine Rivers, middle left and middle right) dropped off the Primus gifts this morning. Here’s to a great holiday!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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