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Primus Strengthens Its Commitment to Safety

Safety has always been a number one priority for Primus Builders. That belief has been strengthened in recent months with the introduction of two new processes that further enable the firm’s project managers and superintendents to operate a safe site.

“At the end of the day, we want all of our guys to get home safely to their families. Primus’s Safety Committee is continuously looking for ways to make that happen. Our new safety app and badging system are the latest procedures we’ve put in place to improve our safety standards,” said Jay Navarro, Director of Construction at Primus.


Safety App

Primus has teamed with RMP Safety Services to enhance its safety presence on projects nationwide. RMP serves as an extension of Primus’s Safety Committee and works with each project team to ensure all safety standards are being enforced.

RMP conducts safety audits at every Primus jobsite and uploads its findings on a safety app custom designed for Primus Builders. Project managers and superintendents can access the data directly from their smart phones or tablets with the press of a button. The app quantifies the firm’s performance with reports specific to each project. It also helps track OSHA required information like man-hours and incidents. Soon, project managers and superintendents will be able to enter information directly to the app and increase the real-time availability of information.



Being able to readily identify workers and confirm their certifications is essential to project safety. Every current Primus project is now provided with badging equipment that allows the on-site project team to easily distinguish qualified workers and their certifications.

Workers receive badges only after completing a site-specific training orientation. Four certifications are represented on the badges with color-coded boxes. They are:

  • Safety (the site-specific training orientation)
  • Fall Protection
  • Equipment
  • Welding

If a worker produces proof that he is certified in any of these categories, the boxes on his or her badge are appropriately shaded to reflect this expertise. This assists the on-site team in determining if workers are qualified to complete the jobs they are assigned. If a superintendent sees, for example, a worker welding on his site, and his badge does not reflect this expertise, he can cease the work without having to return to the trailer and look up the worker’s certification.

Implementing these two safety procedures reinforces Primus’s steadfast commitment to running safe projects. “Our team is our most important resource,” said Navarro. “It’s our responsibility to make sure our guys are able to perform their jobs in a safe, productive environment. We’ll always keep looking for ways to make that happen.”


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