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Primus’s Pets for Vets Event a Huge Success!

CheckWow! What a day! Primus’s first charitable event, a company barbecue benefiting Pets for Vets, ended Friday with a group of exhausted revelers and a giant check for a great cause.

The barbecue brought together Primus team members from every division to support Pets for Vets, a charity dedicated to pairing veterans with animal companions in need of rescue. “Primus employees wanted to give to a charity that offered support to our military and to animals,” said Human Resources & Payroll Manager Ashley Morrison. “Pets for Vets was the perfect choice. We were thrilled to help them out.”

The afternoon was filled with non-stop activity. Primus Project Coordinator Whitnay White, an organizer of the event, tapped local resources for donations for everything from the dunk tank to the bounce house. The event featured delicious barbecue, a corn hole tournament, silent auction, raffles, the dunk tank and lots of camaraderie among the team. “I think the event was a huge success,” said Whitnay. “We all pulled together with our community to help raise money and awareness for this charity, and we had fun doing it.”

Jake.Dog.The highlight of the day was a visit from Nathan, a local veteran and participant in the Pets for Vets program. He brought along his animal companion, a husky named Jake. “Hearing Nathan describe how much Jake has changed his life, with tears in his eyes, was so very moving,” said Ashley. “We’re looking forward to building a relationship with this charity.”

At the end of the day, Whitnay totaled the money collected and presented a check to Pets for Vets for $6,020! “I thought we would take in around $5,000. Being able to write $6,020 on that check was a heartwarming moment. That means we’ve collected enough money to rescue six dogs to be paired with six vets! I’m so proud of the generosity of the Primus team,” said White. After the event, Primus received eve MORE donations, bringing the total to $6,294!

Pets.for.Vets.TeamCongratulations to Ashley Morrison and Whitnay White for putting on an outstanding event. Can’t wait for next year!

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