Cold Storage/3PL

RL Cold

Baytown, TX
Service Design-Build
Square Footage 283,050

Project details

Primus provided design-build services on this 283,050 SF greenfield facility in Baytown, TX. Baytown is located near the Port of Houston and has access to both Union Pacific and BSNF rail lines. Features include: 

  • Fully convertible freezers ranging from -10° to 35° 
  • QFR blast freezer for protein products
  • ALTA expert unit system 

Moisture conditioning of all structural fill was used to stabilize the site. 

Because of Baytown’s location near the Gulf of Mexico, the project had to be designed to accommodate 150 mph winds with projectiles. This included quadruple pane windows and steel columns that were deeper and closer together. Primus implemented a moment frame design on the second floor to reduce the number of columns while still meeting the high-wind requirements and offering a comfortable work environment. 

Maersk, the end-user, relied on customer feedback to provide design guidance on the truck dock. It is a larger-than-average 90’ deep so that trucks can stage, load and unload cargo faster, at an optimal temperature and remain protected from the elements. 

This is Maersk’s first cold storage project in the United States. Their desire was to make it a flagship facility. One of the features Maersk chose to incorporate to elevate the aesthetics of the building was architectural metal panels on the office. This upgrade provides a sleek, modern façade that will be continued on future Maersk projects.

This project is targeting LEED Silver status.


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