Cold Storage/3PL


McCallen, Texas
Service Turn-Key Design & Construction Management
Square Footage 96,000

Project details

ScanTech Sciences is an integrated logistics provider that works with growers, wholesalers and retailers in the produce industry. Their biggest differentiator is their Electronic Cold-Pasteurization system which uses e-beam technology to extend product shelf life without harming taste, color, odor, texture or the environment.

ScanTech updated their existing McAllen, TX cold storage building to include the Electronic Cold-Pasteurization system. They selected Primus to provide turn-key design and construction services for this component of the renovation.

The cell that contains the e-beam required a heavy concrete pour. The concrete vendor divided the job up into ten distinct pours. The Primus design team took the project’s Revit model and sliced it into sections depicting each concrete pour. Utilities, piping and other materials were then coordinated within the model, before construction began, to streamline the schedule. The result was a more accurate, finely tuned process.

Additional components include a staging area, an operations area, office, maintenance and truckers areas.


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