Cold Storage/3PL


Chicago, Illinois
Service Design-Build
Square Footage 26 Acres

Project details

With over 400 brands, Unilever is one of the largest providers of food, personal care and cleaning products in the world. When their shipping and receiving facility in Chicago, Illinois required additional trailer parking, Unilever selected Primus to facilitate the addition. The project also included the addition of a pre-manufactured guard house. Because the 26-acre lot is located within the City of Chicago, Primus worked directly with City Hall to obtain the necessary permits.

The parking lot has several sustainable design elements. The landscaping on the lot is designed for low-water usage. The pavement itself is also the product of recycling. By grinding up 21,000 cubic yards of concrete that already existed on the site, Primus was able to reuse the material for the new lot.


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