Site Selection

Choosing a location for your next building project can be overwhelming. There are a multitude of factors to consider. Primus has experience gathering pertinent data and using it to help you find the right location for your business investment.

We have seen companies succeed or fail based on the location of their project. We will use our nearly 20 years of construction experience to guide the site selection process. We apply that historical knowledge to your specific project and devise recommendations that suit your building needs.

Primus will also partner with firms that analyze local data to pinpoint the best project site. This includes a comprehensive labor analysis and a thorough investigation of local economic incentives. Will will use this data to ensure you maximize the value of your biggest capital investment.

If your goal is to attract food and beverage companies to build in your community, Primus can help you earn a food processing site certification. This designation ensures your site exceeds the standards for a certified food site and is ready for construction. Your community will have a competitive edge in the selection process.


Our team of design-build experts is ready to make your project a success.

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