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Automation Solutions for Slatting & De-Slatting

Discover how to optimize cold storage warehouse operations and reduce costs by downloading our white paper on Automation Solutions for Slatting and De-Slatting.

Learn about the challenges food producers face in cold storage, and explore innovative solutions for automating palletization, slatting, and de-slatting processes. Unlock insights into modern 3PL requirements and find out how Primus can help you achieve a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective delivery process.

Download the Automation Solutions for Slatting & De-Slatting white paper to get an overview of:

  • Insights into the cost disparities between cold storage and ambient facilities, and how partnering with third-party logistics providers (3PLs) can alleviate expenses.
  • Efficient palletization techniques that standardize sizing, enhance product protection and create a safer and cost-effective method for product transfer.
  • Innovative automation solutions for slatting and de-slatting processes, such as integrating robots to increase efficiency, expedite tasks, and significantly reduce labor requirements.
  • Strategies for optimizing the handling of frozen prepared foods and poultry in cold storage warehouses, including semi-automated solutions and the elimination of up to 60% of labor needs.
  • Primus’s expertise in cold storage and industrial automation offers a roadmap to develop tailored warehouse automation solutions for improved ROI, reliability, and safety.
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