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The Poultry Design-Build Automate Experts

Dive into the dynamic world of poultry processing and cold storage innovation.

Discover how Primus, with its specialized manufacturing division and over two decades of expertise, addresses key challenges in poultry processing plants and cold storage warehouses. Learn from a real-world case study involving Mar-Jac Poultry’s successful capacity expansion, automation, and efficiency improvements.

Download the Poultry Design-Build Automate Experts white paper to get an overview of:

  • The specialized focus of Primus’ manufacturing division on poultry processing, offering tailored solutions for productivity, efficiency, quality, food safety, and customer satisfaction.
  • The regional nature of the poultry industry and the unique challenges of accommodating growth while maintaining proximity to food sources, leading to strategic expansion and operational knowledge.
  • A comprehensive case study showcasing how Primus successfully partnered with Mar-Jac Poultry to address capacity demands, implement automation, enhance traceability, and achieve substantial efficiency improvements in a complex poultry processing facility.
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