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Mountaire Farms is an agricultural food processing company with operations in Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina and Arkansas. Primus provided design-build services on a 50,000 SF VRT and staging area addition to an existing poultry processing facility in Lumber Bridge, NC.

VRT stands for Variable Retention Freezer. It is the automated conveyance component of the building. Product makes its way from the existing processing area through the new corridor, into the new VRT area and enters the new staging area at -40°.

The building features a glycol heating system to protect the slab from heaving in the freezer. The typical construction sequence for this would have been to erect steel prior to a sub slab pour. But, because of the earlier delays, the team knew it had to come up with a different plan to get the schedule back on track. The team got together, and using their collective experience, devised a solution that included a non-traditional order of events they discovered would save several weeks and get the project back on track. After a challenging start, the project was completed on schedule.

Mountaire Farms produces more pounds of poultry per day than any other processing facility in the U.S.


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